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Back from Japan – IACCP summer school and conference

The Diversity in Education and Development team (sadly minus Linda!) had the amazing opportunity to spend time in Japan this summer, attending the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology bi-annual conference and PhD student summer school.

From July 26th – 30th three of us (Miriam, Jana, and Ursula) pushed through our jetlag and had a great time at the IACCP summer school in the hills of Gifu Prefecture, about an hour north of Nagoya, Japan.

The summer school was a jam-packed three days of intensive workshops and getting to know other PhD students from around the world, as well as a quick dive into Japanese culture as we ate our bento boxes, slept on futons with bean filled pillows, and learned how to properly use a traditional Japanese bath. Overall it was a fantastic experience, and a great introduction to Japan.

summer school food

We had the opportunity to take workshops on both content and methods, with content topics including “social inequality and the self,” “culture and cognition,” and “acculturation and intercultural contact.” For the methods workshops we had the choice of focusing on multilevel modeling, longitudinal analysis, or ethnography and experiments. Following the content and methods workshops we got into small groups and, based on the input we had just received, came up with thorough research proposals. Hopefully we will be able to act on our plans, as some great ideas were proposed!


Following the summer school we headed to Nagoya for the bi-annual IACCP conference from July 30th – August 3rd, where Sauro and Maja joined us. Maja and Miriam both took part in symposia, Sauro and Jana presented individual papers, and Ursula presented a poster. Maja was also honored as a runner-up for the Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award (in the photo below you can see her with Fons van de Vijver, her former advisor and current IACCP President, Jamis He, this year’s winner of the Triandis award, and Velichko Fetvadjiev, a former colleague from Tilburg University).

With over 1,000 participants and a program full of interesting presentations, it was quite a week. In addition to the fantastic conference program we also had the opportunity to see a traditional Japanese drumming performance, attend a tea ceremony, visit a temple, and enjoy a crazy monsoon-like rainstorm while eating teppanyaki, Japanese grilled meat, fish, and veggies in a rooftop restaurant in downtown Nagoya. Needless to say, we were all very glad to have been able to attend both the summer school and conference!

For lots more great pictures of the conference and social program, take a look at these professional photos taken throughout the week.

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