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Happy new year from the Diversity in Education and Development group!

With snowstorms from Izmir to Ingolstadt to Indianapolis this week, there’s no question that we’re still smack dab in the middle of winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere. But the days are slowly getting longer, 2016 is behind us, and we’re plowing our way into the new year.

2016 was a tough year for many of us, on many counts, and it has not always been easy to remain optimistic about what is to come. That said, here in the Diversity in Education and Development group we’re looking forward while also taking measure of what’s behind us. With German elections coming up this fall, Trump taking office in the US in less than two weeks, and continued instability the world over, the need for sound but critical research into questions of diversity and inclusion is clearer than ever.


We are happy to report that multiple members of our group had work published in the past months, including an article in the Journal of Adolescence on the relations between discrimination experiences and emotion regulation among Latino/a and Asian heritage college students, an article in Child Development on how school cultural diversity climate relates to the acculturation orientations and school adjustment of youth of migration background in Germany, and an article in the Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs on the link between teacher beliefs and practices regarding student diversity.

We are also making an effort to bridge the science to practice gap by taking part in a newly developed University of Potsdam program called Campusschulen (campus schools), for which Maja, Linda and Sauro are working with a highly culturally and socioeconomically diverse secondary school in Berlin. Maja and Linda are helping strategize equity conscious ways to improve contact between school personnel and families, while Sauro is conducting classroom observations regarding teachers’ diversity beliefs in practice.


Moreover, recent and upcoming workshops and talks have given us an opportunity to connect with students and practitioners from other cities and fields. For instance, Linda gave a talk on “Inclusion, Migration, and Education” at the University of Magdeburg as part of a speaker series on Topics of Inclusion. She also gave a talk on “Who are the Students at the University of Potsdam?” at the graduating ceremony for the International Teaching Professionals program, in which Sauro participated (see the picture above). Maja has given multiple talks and workshops focusing on cultural diversity in education and the acculturation of adolescents of immigrant and refugee background for the Ministry of Education Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Conference of Family Counselors and others. Ursula will give a guest lecture about banal nationalism and institutional discrimination in the Humboldt University Berlin Master’s course titled “The Other(‘s) City: living in Berlin as a post-migrant city,” which is open to both regularly enrolled students and newly arrived refugee students. Miriam had the opportunity to return to the University of Jena, one of her alma maters, to give an intensive course on cultural diversity to psychology Master’s students. Jana had a busy fall and winter with a number of workshops and events sponsored by the Stiftung der deutschen Wirtshaft (Foundation of German Business), focusing on a range of topics related to the promotion of a multicultural society.

Finally, we’re all in the midst of analyses and writing for various papers and projects, and are excited to see what 2017 has in store.


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