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2018 Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education conference


Below you can find the photos from the conference. A special thanks to Lars Drawert for taking such amazing photos, and producing a wonderful video for CDME 2018.

Last August we have organized and hosted our 2nd Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education Conference (CDME) in Potsdam, funded by the German Research Foundation. A warm thank you to all of the participants, presenters, volunteers, and everyone else who was a part of Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education Conference 2018 for making it a successful event!

130 participants from 19 different countries (e.g., Germany, USA, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Israel, Turkey…) and across disciplines (e.g., Education, Psychology, Sociology, Migration Studies) gathered for three days of stimulating presentations, panels and discussions focusing on how cultural diversity and issues related to migration are potential resources that contribute to children’s positive educational experiences and promote school success.

In the end we believe that our conference achieved (i) to highlight research with refugee children (in addition to children of migrant background) as well as potential protective factors (such as school-based interventions) that promote more positive development, (ii) to focus on both the challenges associated with culturally diverse classrooms (e.g., discrimination, linguistic challenges, exclusion), and the benefits of cultural diversity (e.g., promoting critical thinking, interethnic friendships, understanding of diverse viewpoints, and intercultural sensitivity and competence) (iii) to address the urgent and increasing need for teachers, educational leaders, researchers, policy makers, and youth advocates to understand how cultural diversity and migration can act both as challenges and positive resources to children’s educational success.

It was a great pleasure to organize our conference for the second time and hoping to plan our next conference soon (2020). Looking forward to seeing you all again! Below you can read the feedbacks our conference received from the participants.

‘‘We would like to thank Linda Juang, Maja Schachner, and their team for the organisation of this great conference. We think that this is a really special conference  that brings together high-quality contributions from all over the world and provides a  great opportunity for qualitative and quantitative researchers alike to exchange ideas and work together on the topic of diversity in education.’’ – Drs. Tim Müller & Mohini Lokhande, SVR Migration Berlin

‘‘It was an amazing conference, and thank you so much for including me. You and Maja did a *great* job organizing the program. I learned a lot about cultural migration from an educational perspective and appreciated meeting this new community of scholars.’’- Prof. David Sherman, UCSB

‘’Thank you so much again for the conference, it was truly one of the best I have been to, a great collection of scholars from both psychology and education, the right size, the structure worked well, and a beautiful setting.’’- Prof. Dina Birman, University of Miami

‘‘Thanks for everything! What a wonderful and stimulating and hospitable meeting thanks to you, Maja and your team! There was such unanimous positive feedback I heard on the meeting from everyone.’’ – Prof. Hiro Yoshikawa, NYU

‘‘Thank you so much for organising this wonderful conference. I enjoyed my stay in Potsdam very much and had a lot of interesting discussions with colleagues.’’- Prof. Kerstin Göbel, University of Duisburg-Essen

‘‘Congratulations on a wonderful conference. It was informative and engaging. Thank you for inviting me to speak and participate in the conference.’’- Prof. James Banks, Kerry and Linda Killinger Endowed Chair in Diversity Studies, University of Washington

‘‘I had a great time at the conference, it was very inspiring! And very nice to hear more about other values affirmation interventions, including yours! Thank you for organizing this.’’ – Dr. Bettina DeJong, Erasmus University

‘‘What a wonderful tribute to a fantastic conference – thank you so much for this reminder and all your hard work in bringing this together!’’- Alison Benbow, Leibniz Universität

 ‘‘It is a wonderful film! Thank the videographer for expressing so well the spirit of the conference, and thank you, Linda and Maya, for organizing this wonderful and important event. Hope to see you all in 2020.’’- Eugene Tartakovsky, Tel Aviv University

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